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April 11, 2010

bruery tasting

i know i've talked in the past about my love of the bruery. i loved reading patrick's blog as he was getting things started, and seriously enjoyed hanging out with him and tyler when we visited the brewery in the fall of '08. they just keep churning out interesting and tasty beers, most of which don't usually make it too close to us. but, being active traders, we've managed to get our hands on some. most recently, eric (Viggo) and eric (ritzkiss, aka preric) had started to amass an impressive collection. they set upon the idea of having a day to celebrate the beer from this brewery and do a giant bruery tasting.

the first battle was finding a time that worked. we knew we'd need a whole day for this one, and after a few attempts that didn't quite get off the ground, april 10th was set. preric's family would be out of town, so we'd have the run of his place for it.

the next question was who to invite. we thought we'd need more than 4 people, but didn't want too many as we still wanted to have nice sized samples of each beer. 5 seemed to be the magic number, so we invited andrew (bartle) to join us.

with eric and preric providing all the beers, rob (bobsy) volunteered to cook us all dinner, and bartle and i were on snacks to keep our palates fresh and our make sure we made it through them all.

we gathered around 1pm to get things rolling. we'd bounced around a few ideas for what order to go through the beers in, and ultimately decided to go with some of the heavy hitters up front, then mellow things out a little, break for dinner, and then finish up the last few. we figured we could take our time, especially on the early ones, and if it was necessary to save the last few bottles for another day, no big deal.

it turned out to be a great day. we paced ourselves well, and when the bruery beers were done we sampled a little homebrew and then a few bottles from preric's cellar. plenty of euchre was played (bartle thinks me may actually understand it now - i'm not entirely convinced yet). many laughs were had.

all the beers were a hit, and i look forward to the next time we can get together for another day like this.

extra big thanks go out to eric+eric for sharing all this fantastic beer.

i only took a few photos, but here they are. enjoy!

the lineup for the day. not pictured (and saved for another time) were bottles of partridge in a pear tree and two turtle doves.

a few bottles in, and rugbrod on deck.

everyone writing away, and a good look at the snacks to help get us through the day.

it was cool enough outside to have the rest of the beer sitting on the patio until we were ready for them.

past the half way point now.

more snacks and beer.

rob working on dinner: regular carbonara for the carnivores, and one with roasted red peppers and caramelized onions for the vegetarian.

the final carnage (or at least when i left). as if the brewery stuff wasn't enough, when we finished that we started opening up other stuff.

the final list for the day:

bruery papier
bruery black tuesday
bruery autumn maple
bruery barrel-aged autumn maple
bruery white oak
bruery rugbrod
bruery hottenroth berlinerweisse
bruery saison de lente
bruery saison rue
bruery tradewinds tripel
bruery orchard white
bruery black orchard
bruery levud's
bruery barrel-aged levud's
biergotter monk's elixir
biergotter barleywine
bear republic big bear black stout
fat cat old bad cat barleywine

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