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April 17, 2009

hopocalypse returns!

ah, hopocalypse. that mythical beast created for cask days 2006. a perfectly balanced american ipa showcasing simcoe and amarillo hops - right around 6% and 62IBU. the only problem is we never get to drink the stuff! we always seem to end up making it for someone else and never getting any of our own. well, we set out to change that. a batch of hopocalypse that would be for our own personal enjoyment.

single brewdays are too easy, so we wanted to add another to the mix. after the success of eric's breakfast brown ale and born of our love for surly's bender and coffee bender we decided on another american brown ale. so eric came up with the battlesnake brown ale - named in honour of his love of imperial battlenake.

grain for both batches, ground and ready to dough in. i think that was the brown on the left and the ipa on the right.

me working at the computer.

me enjoying one of jenn's awesome breakfast bagel sandwiches. chock full of good stuff to keep you goin' through the brewday.

both mashes now under way. ipa on the left, brown on the right.

sparging the ipa.

me checking on the mash for the brown ale.

time for the first wort hops to go in the ipa. 2oz of simcoe down the hatch!

fast forward a while. hopocalypse had been sparged and was coming up to a boil. you can see the result of eric skimming the scum and catching most of the first wort hops at the same time. mmmm, delicious hops.

more hops for the ipa, and a glimpse at our brewday lunch - home made wonton soup.

me checking on the runoff for the brown ale.

time to chill! the brewday had pretty much wrapped up at this point. the brown ale was almost done chilling and we had put most of the gear away. here was me firing up the air compressor to blow the water out of our chiller before storing it - a little trick that means you don't have to worry about it splitting in cold weather or going funky from old water sitting inside.

extreme badger closeups. wooaaaah!!! woaaaaaahhhh!

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