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September 8, 2009

markham hops 2009

we're into the fourth year of hop growth (2008, 2007, and 2006 harvests), and it hasn't gone all that well. about a month back i noticed that my centennial plants were covered in bugs. the few cones that had formed were turning black and the plants themselves were in pretty rough shape. i climbed up the ladder to see if there was anything worth salvaging, but it was too late. i ended up cutting the 4 of them down and disposing them, hoping that they wouldn't cross over to the cascades. already half my expected harvest was gone.

luckily, the cascades seemed more resistant to the bugs and still seemed to be progressing well. the harvest didn't look as big as the previous year, likely due to a combination of another cool summer and too much shade from the tree in my neighbour's yard that has grown significantly in the last two years. as usual, labour day weekend seemed to be about the right time for me to harvest.

jenn and i harvesting.

the rest of the cascade vines on the ground.

cascade hops! pretty good sized cones this year, even if the total harvest was small.

eric found a little one.

me harvesting away.

the final haul. i think this is about half of what we got last year. hopefully next summer will be better!

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